Monday, October 4, 2010

Snack File No. 0018

Lindt - Lindor Balls - Milk - Jack o' Lantern

萬聖節快到了,London Drugs內賣有許多萬聖節糖果,身為Lindt巧克力的愛好者,當然不能錯過這個南瓜燈期間限定版,包裝不僅是萬聖節特有的橘色還有印有許多的南瓜燈.
Halloween is almost here.  There are lots of Halloween candies in London Drugs.  As a Lindt chocolate ball lover, there is no way I would skip this Jack o' Lantern limited time edition.  On top of the typical Halloween orange packaging, there are also lots of Jack o' Lantern on it.

Even the back is orange.

They are about half or the normal size, and the tin foil replaces the original plastic wrap.

口味與口感(Taste and texture):
Although it is only half of the size, but it is identical to the normal size one that is composed of 2 different texture of chocolate.  With a light bite of the soft shelf, thick melted chocolate will fill up the mouth.  Even with mini version, the sweetness is same as the normal version.

It is simply a Halloween edition with change of the packaging.  However, the tin foil is a pain since the chocolate is too soft for it.  Any pressure on it might cause it to pop when trying to unwrap it.

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