Sunday, October 17, 2010

Snack File No. 0019

McSteven's - Vanpire Brew Blood Red Hot Chocolate

London Drugs不僅有只是純粹萬聖節小包裝的一般零食,還有很多期間限定的零食,第一眼看到這個有趣的金屬棺材的時候,因為文字段落的關係,我還以為是血色的"辣"巧克力,一會兒腦袋轉過來後才想到因該是血色的"熱"巧可力.
There aren't just small package of regular snacks for Halloween, but there are also lots of time limited Halloween snacks.  When I saw this interesting metal coffin, due to the break of the text, my first impression was "spicy" chocolate that is blood red, but at second thought, I figured it was actually "hot" chocolate that is blood red.

The label not only indicates the chocolate is made the USA and the tin coffin is made in China

There is a tin foiled bag inside the coffin.

I poured all the chocolate inside the coffin.  The power is more pinkish then regular hot chocolate.

According to the instruction at the back of the coffin, I made the hot chocolate with 6 ounces of hot water and 3 teaspoon of the power.  The hot chocolate was not "blood red" but same reddish as water mellow juice.

口味與口感(Taste and texture): 
雖然光是打開錫箔包的時候,就發覺聞起來很奇怪,一點也沒有巧克力味,反而有種說不出來的水果味道,所以我只小小地試了一口,天阿,我不確定這個東西到底真的可以喝,搞不好只是裝飾用的,第一,口味跟聞起來的一樣詭異,所以特地看了成份想確定那個詭異的味道到底是什麼,我猜味道來自beet power因為我也不確定那是什麼,第二,我懷疑成份內根本沒有巧克力,第三,熱水跟粉的比例太少喝起來帶有稀釋感,所以我又加了兩匙,稀釋感不見了,但是卻變得更噁心了.
When I opened the tin foiled bag, I notice the smelt is quite unusual.  It doesn't smell like chocolate at all but a indescribable fruity smell.  Oh my god.  I am not sure if this is drinkable.  I wonder if it's for decorative purpose.  First, it tastes as weired as it smells, so I checked the ingredients to figure out what the favour is.  My guess would be beet power, since I am not even sure what that is.  Secondly, I suspect there's no cocoa in there.  Third, the ratio of hot water and power is not enough, so I add 2 more teaspoon.  It no long taste watery, but it made it more disgusting.

The design of coffin and the idea of bloody drink are very good Halloween theme, although the actually colour of the drink is a bit disappointing.  I wonder if the taste of the hot chocolate is meant to be disgusting to match the theme.

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