Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snack File No. 0029

Nestle - Smarties - Shaker

This Smarties shaker reminds me Kinder Surprise.
Nestle - Smarties - Shaker

They look like ornaments on a Christmas tree.
Nestle - Smarties - Shaker

I was surprised that the chocolate shells were diligently carved with Nestle logo and snowflakes, but the insides were just regular Smarties.
Nestle - Smarties - Shaker

There's nothing to say about the Smarties insides.  On the other hand, the chocolate shells is a little sweet, but not too bad.  However, it came with a very strong coffee-mate flavour.  Yes, not milk, but coffee-make.  After I had it, the chocolate didn't left in the mouth but the flavour of coffee-mate.  It kind of feel like an expired chocolate.

Now, I start to suspect that Smarties' candy coating is to cover up the expired chocolate inside.

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