Monday, December 27, 2010

Snack File No. 0032

Kerr's - Candy Cane Toffee - Limited Edition

Candy canes realy rules the Christmas snacks.  There is even toffee for it.
Kerr's - Candy Cane Toffee - Limited Edition

The pictures on the tin box are very romanic and seasonal.
Kerr's - Candy Cane Toffee - Limited Edition

There was actually an additional plastic packaging inside the box.
Kerr's - Candy Cane Toffee - Limited Edition

Although the texture was same as regular toffee, but the mint completely overpower the caramel flavor of the toffee.  In addition, the crushed candy cane increased the coolness of the mint with extra crunchiness.

It is more like mint candy than toffee.


  1. Hello,
    Is this tin available for purchase? My Dad used to work at Kerr's and he passed away and I would love to have this keepsake.

  2. Hello,

    I am following up with the comment above about this candy tin. Is it available for purchase?

  3. Sorry I don't have any left. I bought this a few years ago in Costco durung Xmas season. Perhaps you can visit Costco during the up coming Xmas season and see if they still sell them