Friday, January 21, 2011

Snack File No. 0033

Villars Perrier - Têtes au Chocolat - Mi-amer
Villars Perrier - Chocolate Head - Bittersweet
Villars Perrier - 巧克力頭 - 甘苦味

It was given by my husband's Switzerland international student. Base on Switzerland's official languages, I guessed the printing was in French and German.  Then, I used google translator to figure what the printing means.
Villars Perrier - Têtes au Chocolat - Mi-amer

Although it was quite big, but it was very light.  So as soon I saw the white bit, I knew it must be marshmallow inside.
Villars Perrier - Têtes au Chocolat - Mi-amer

After I cut it open, it seem fluffier then regular marshmallow.
Villars Perrier - Têtes au Chocolat - Mi-amer

The chocolate shell is not as bitter as I expected, and it was actually quite sweet.  Although it was only a thin layer, but it had very strong chocolate flavour.  The marshmallow was like toasted and melt marshmallow, but without burning.

Even marshmallow chocolate can be so luxurious in Switzerland.

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