Friday, September 9, 2011

Snack File No. 0035

華元 - 新炒麵 - 香蔥

回台灣時買了一堆零食,一整個行李箱裝得滿滿的, 開箱的時候, 發現這個被壓破了, 所以就成了第一個試吃品.
I bought a full luggage of snacks when I visited Taiwan.  When I unpack the luggage, I found this package was cracked.   This then became the first candidate.
華元 - 新炒麵 - 香蔥

本來就喜歡點心麵就, 當初就是看上這個加上薯條的點心麵, 沒想到加了薯條後, 讓除了原本單調的麵粉味多了馬鈴薯味, 而且口感也多洋芋片特有的酥脆, 有著真是雙重享受, 至於調味則比一般的點心麵豐富一點, 反而比較像加了調味料的科學麵.
I always love the snack noodle.  I was interested in this because of the additional fries.  I was surprised to know that the fries added a taste of potato to the simple flavour of the dough.  It also added the crunchy texture of potato chips.  It was absolute a double enjoyment.  In term of the seasoning.  It was a bit more then regular snack noodle.  It was  more like the instant noodle snack with seasoning.
華元 - 新炒麵 - 香蔥

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