Thursday, September 22, 2011

Snack Mobile No. 0018

Ferrero - Ferrero Rondnoir

在台北機場轉機的時候看到, 因為之前只看過四粒裝或著混著金莎的盒裝, 沒看過24粒裝, 買3盒還有特價就狠下心買了3盒, 畢竟以金莎系列就屬黑莎是我的最愛.
I saw this while waiting transfer at Taipei Airport.  I only saw four pack or mixture of Ferrero Rocker and never saw a 24 pack before.  Besides, there were special deal for 3 boxes, so yes I did end up buying three boxes.  After all, Rondnoir is my favourite of all Ferrero.
 Ferrero - Ferrero Rondnoir

我最愛黑莎的原因是它含有三種不同的巧克力, 更別說脆餅讓口感又多了一個層次, 外層脆碎的硬巧克力加上金莎特有的榛子巧克力醬, 而中心的黑巧克力則有著成人的苦中帶甜的味道, 甜而不膩, 一下子我就吃掉10顆了.
I love Rondnoir the most because of the three different  chocolate and the crunchy wafer add more depth to the texture. There are the chocolate bits, the hazelnut chocolate cream and the dark chocolate in the centre.  The bitterness of the dark chocolate smoothed out the sweetness perfectly.  I just finished 10 of them right away.
 Ferrero - Ferrero Rondnoir

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