Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Snack File No. 0036

乾坤農場 - 埔里酒香晶凍 - 白蘭地咖啡
Skyson Farm - Jelly - Brandy Coffee

本來到埔里參觀酒廠, 可惜到的時候已經太晚了, 只剩下商品區正忙著打烊, 被推銷了三盒, 一盒送人, 還剩下兩盒, 下次再介紹另一種口味.
By the time we arrived the Puli Brewery, it was too late for the tour and the gift shops were about to close.  I bought three boxes, but I give away 1 box.  I'll post the other flavour later.
乾坤農場 - 埔里酒香晶凍 - 白蘭地咖啡

每次開這種包裝的果凍都得很小心, 如果從上方的撕開, 常常手會沾到,變成黏黏地, 所以我都是用剪刀從旁邊橫向剪開, 本來還以為可以喝到咖啡酒, 但是裡面其實並沒有多餘的汁, 而且酒味並不重幾乎都是咖啡味, 所以有點失望 而果凍本身則硬到需要咬嚼.
Every time I open this kind of jelly packaging, I have to be extra careful.  If I tear open from the top opening, I often end up with sticky hands.  So I always cut it open from the side.  I thought I could have a taste of brandy, but there was much liquid in there.  I can barely feel the brandy.  It was mostly coffee that I tasted.  I was quite disappointed.  In addition, the jelly was too hard that I had to really chew on it.
乾坤農場 - 埔里酒香晶凍 - 白蘭地咖啡

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