Saturday, July 17, 2010

Snack File No. 0015

Starbucks - Dutch Caramel Wafer

I saw this on the counter when I was buying a drink.

The printing is off, and the packaging is transparent.  It looks me a while to figure it is a product of the Netherlands.

Because the wafer is so thin, it looks like there is only one set of wafer with filling, but actually there are 2 sets.

口味與口感(Taste and texture):
A strong smelt of wafer escaped when I opened the packaging.  The wafer has a soft texture that make it feel it has been sitting outside too long.  The caramel stuck to the teeth a little bit.  Because there is not too much of caramel, wafer itself is more dominant and makes it not too sweet.

Caramel usually is used as filler for chocolate.  It is new to be used for wafer.

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