Friday, November 5, 2010

Snack File No. 0022

小老闆 - 日本紫菜 - 辣煙燻雞肉香味
Taokaenoi - Japanese Crispy Seaweed - Spicy Smoked Chicken Flavour

It looks so familiar when I saw it in T&T, But I did not recall that I had it before. The flavour is so unique that I would definitely remember if I had it. So I still decide to buy it. After I got home, I found another pack in my cabinet. Because of last month's Halloween special, I totally forgot about it.

Product of Thailand. The back also promotes new arrivals, Hot Chilli Squid and Kimchi. Too bad that T&T does not sell them.

They are thicker then other seaweed and they seems they have been deep fried.

口味與口感(Taste and texture):
When I took the first bite, it was just a deep fried seaweed with too much oil. But after a few bites, the flavour started to come out just like chewing gum. It is about medium spicy with a little bit salt. The ratio of spice and salt was perfect. Although I didn't tease the chicken.

The flavour is unique and still good. Now, I am so curious about the other two flavours.

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