Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snack File No. 0023

Seneca - Sweet Potato Chips - Sea Salt

My husband saw this in IGA.  He knows that I like sweet potato, so he bought it specially for me.
Product of USA

Because it come with skin, it looked more like dried fruit chips.

It had a very light taste of sweet potato, and it also had same sour taste of dried fruit chips.  The texture was same as dried fruit chips, although I was expecting crunchy like potato chips.  When chewing to the end, it felt like chewing pulp.  As for the sea salt, there was so few that does do anything.

被Potato Chips的字眼給誤導了,其實就只是地瓜乾.
I was fooled by Potato Chips, it was actually dried sweet potato chips.

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