Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snack File No. 0024

蔡瀾 - 暴暴飯焦 - 紫菜
Chua Lam - Bo Bo Cracker - Vegetarian

The simple and small packaging really stand out on the colourful messy shelves of T&T.

I happened to pick a pack that had a small fault packaging on the back of bottom left.  Although the front printed seaweed in Chinese, but the back it printed vegetarian in English.  I guess they are the same in some way.

There were 5 small piece and just enough to fill a soy sauce dish.

I can smell the seaweed already by opening the bag.  Once it was in the mouth, the salted seaweed filled up the whole mouth.  The Chinese style rice crackers were really crunchy.  Too bad it only lasted 5 bites.

Originally, I thought it was Japanese style rice crackers, but it turned out to be Chinese style.

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