Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Snack File No. 0001

御軒 - 香港龍鬚糖 - 爆炸糖味
御軒 - Hong Kong Dragon Beard Candy - Popping Flavor

I saw this in T&T. The "Popping Flavor" really got me interested.御軒 - 香港龍鬚糖 - 爆炸糖味

It says grape syrup in the Chinese ingredients.御軒 - 香港龍鬚糖 - 爆炸糖味
Another wrap inside the box.御軒 - 香港龍鬚糖 - 爆炸糖味
There is 4 in the box. 2 less then the traditional packaging and sells for $2.99.
御軒 - 香港龍鬚糖 - 爆炸糖味

口味與口感(Taste and texture):
The outside is little harder and dryer than the fresh make one with light sweetness. The contents is traditional peanut. While I was wondering where's the syrup, I felt the "popping". There is no syrup. It is mixed of peanut and popping candy as it states in the English version ingredient. Chinese can be ambiguous language.

Although it's a tradition snacks, it is an interesting idea to have the popping candy. Unfortunately, I do not think it works out that well. Actually, I prefer to have the syrup.

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