Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Snack File No. 0007

Sensible Portions - Garden Veggie Straws

Typical Costco super size.

Product of U.S.A.

大包裝果然連照片都放大得誇裝,雖然包裝上印著"Enlarged to show texture",但是實物還是比我預測的小了些,大概只有照片的四分之一,三種顏色應該是代表著三種蔬菜,所以我特地裝飾成沙拉的樣子.
The super size package did a good job of enlarge the photo.  Although there is "Enlarged to show texture" printed on the packaging, the actual size is still smaller then I expected.  It is about 1/4 of the photo.  There is 3 colours of straws representing 3 vegetables, so I put it into a salad.

口味與口感(Taste and texture):
The hallow straw makes it really crunchy.  Unfortunately, the flavor is so light that I am not sure if there is difference between colours.  I can't even taste the potato.  It is just a salted cracker with straw shapes.

I have had the straw before with only potato flavor, but tri-veggie snack is not rare either.

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