Monday, June 21, 2010

Snack File No. 0005

36 Chocola's - Crispy Belgian Chocolate Thins - Milk Chocolate

在London Drugs發現這個正後方帶有弧度的盒子,跟其它放在一起的餅乾就是感覺不同.
I found this slightly curved box in London Drugs.  It sure stands out with others snacks.

"Chocola's are curved shaped chocolates imported from Belgium.  Created with luscious Belgian chocolate of the highest quality."

Product of Belgium

With the curved box and the photo on the box, I thought they would be stacked like Pringles, but there is a tray inside with 3 stacks.

One box is sold for &4.99.  I wonder if the tray is there to fill up the box.

So I took the tray out and stack in the box.  It only stacked up 2/3 of the box, and the tray creates an illusion of bigger size.  They were actually about 2/3 of Pringles chips.

Only 36 pieces, same as the brand name.

口味與口感(Taste and texture):
It is a complete surprise.  According to the photo on packaging, I thought it's a chocolate coated cracker/cookies, but it turns out to be chocolate only.  It is thin, but it does not melt in the mouth.  The sweetness is fair for milk chocolate.  By the way, the chunks are not nuts.  I found out they are actually puffed rice in the ingredients.

I am not sure if the shape is mean to be like that, or it copied Pringles, but it does create difference texture for chocolate.

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