Thursday, June 17, 2010

Snack File No. 0002

雪の戀 - 芒果凍
雪の戀 - Mango Jelly

This didn't interested me at all, but it was on sales in T&T for $3.29(regular price $4.29). It is a pretty big box, so I thought it might worth a try.
雪の戀 - 芒果凍

Product of Taiwan.
雪の戀 - 芒果凍

There is 10 jelly in a box, so it's only $0.33 each, but the box might be a little big for the contents.雪の戀 - 芒果凍

Although I knew it's going to be those paper bags, I still hate it. It drips everywhere when you open it. Having a plate ready is a wise choice.
雪の戀 - 芒果凍
口味與口感(Taste and texture):口感很有彈性,不過果凍本身並不甜,只有淡淡的芒果味,但是外面的芒果汁味道到是很濃郁,有點偏甜,但是跟果凍一起吃剛剛好.
The jelly itself is not sweet with light mango favor, but the mango syrup is strong and sweet. It balance really well with the jelly.

Not thing special about this jelly.

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