Sunday, June 20, 2010

Snack File No. 0004

President's Choice - Potato Chips - Szechwan Flavour

Superstore隨處可見的洋芋片,倒是很少看到雞翅在洋芋片上,所以就買來試試看,挺有趣的是袋子上還印著"PHOTO ENLARGED."
Just  a bag of chips from Superstore, but the chicken wings on the bag got my attention, so I got to give it a try.  One thing interesting about the package is the printing of "PHOTO ENLARGED."
President's Choice - Potato Chips - Szechwan Flavour

"Who needs chopsticks to enjoy Szechwan food?  We've managed to recreated the spicy, exotic flair of this classic cuisine as a flavour for there amazing crunchy rippled chips.  Garlic, ginger and Chinese 5-spice are all on the menu!"
5-spice = 五香?
President's Choice - Potato Chips - Szechwan Flavour

The resealable is a good idea, but it is not as easy as it instructed.
President's Choice - Potato Chips - Szechwan Flavour

第一,想說跟其他的可封袋一樣,剪開封線上方的虛線就行了,不過下手前我看到"PULL TO OPEN,"還好有看到,只好放下屠刀,再來我以為是用前後拉開法,試了一會兒,好像不對勁,那虛線不是剪線,是做啥用,拉了半天虛線的地方被我拉開了, 我才想到難不成要沿著虛線拉開,但是還是怪怪的,因為真的很難拉開,沒想到還真的是這樣開.
First, I thought I need to cut along the dash line just like other resealable bags, but I saw "PULL TO OPEN."  OK, then I tried to open like what I would do for other bags, but after a few fail attempt, I was wondering what the dash line is for.  Then, I found a little opening on the dash line, so I started to pull along the dash line.  But, it was still difficult to do, so I though I might still do it wrong, but it turned out to be the right way to open it.
President's Choice - Potato Chips - Szechwan Flavour

洋芋片跟包裝上的照片大小差不多,不明白為啥要加"PHOTO ENLARGED"在包裝上.
The chips were the same size as the photo.  I have no idea why there is need for "PHOTO ENLARGED" on the packaging.
President's Choice - Potato Chips - Szechwan Flavour

口味與口感(Taste and texture):
The chips is thicker than other brand.  The flavour is really complicated.  It's salty, sour, and little spicy.  The 5-spice is not the 5-spice that I know, and I cannot what they are.  It did make me feel like I am eating a Chinese dish, but I just can't figure out what dish it is.

The Chinese flavour gives the chips a unique taste, but it is a difference story to market it.

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